Articles on simplicity, organizing your stuff and everything else in between.

5 Minutes to Less: Kitchen Utensils

The kitchen: it’s the heart of the home, the gathering place for families and friends, the breeding ground for excessive utensils. Today’s 5 Minutes or Less organization

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5 Minutes to Less: Clothing

I can imagine my husband commenting on the title of this post… I could help you have less clothing in five minutes… hehehe… And hey, if that’s how you

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78 Items Lighter

Today is the final day of my 12 Days of Giving Minimalism Challenge and I am officially 78 items (plus some) lighter – hopefully some

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Thinking Outside the Gift Box

We all know the typical kids birthday party drill: balloons, cake, unbridled enthusiasm (aka “the crazy”) and, of course, presents. Lots of them. I’m not sure

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