Let's work together to create your happier
life with less stuff!

Coaching Options

The Monthly Min Membership

If you’re new to simplicity (or perhaps you’ve been around awhile and need some accountability to keep your home clutter-free), the Monthly Min is for you. This live group membership program gives you a doable dose of simplicity accountability each month to help you create and maintain a peaceful, decluttered home. Ahhhhh! I feel better already, don’t you?

The LESS Method LIVE Decluttering Course

If you’re ready to create a home you can be proud of, the LESS Method LIVE is just the ticket. In only 6 weeks, we’ll simplify your stuff, create open spaces, and give you back your free time… all while cheering each other on in a positive, supportive, and 100% judgement-free group environment. I teach this energetic class 3 times per year. Registration for the Fall 2021 class will open in September. Click below to learn more and get on the waiting list!

Private Coaching

Want me all to yourself? I can’t blame you. I work with a select number of private clients to help them achieve their individual simplicity goals. During private coaching we address all aspects of clutter: physical, digital, mental, and emotional. If you want a customized, flexible plan and coaching designed specifically for YOU, let’s set up a call and make it happen.

Rose guides you through a decision-making process that helps you make choices that work for YOU, instead of giving you a recipe that you must follow.

Want to create a simpler life?

Rose Lounsbury is a simplicity coach, TEDx speaker, and Amazon bestselling author of ‘Less: Minimalism for Real’.

After blogging about her personal journey toward a minimalist lifestyle, she was inspired help others live simpler lives. Rose is a regular guest on Fox News Good Day Columbus and has also been featured on NPR, Good Morning Cincinnati, and Living Dayton.
Not only did Rose help me create a decluttering plan and give me direction, but she talked me through it step-by-step. She gave me such great one-on-one support and a feeling that I can do this.
Susie B.