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Classes & Coaching

Create a calm, decluttered home, a work-life that actually resembles balance, and a mind that feels more peaceful and present.

Whether you want on-demand access to my signature decluttering course or are looking for a deeper personal transformation through one-on-one simplicity coaching, I'd love to help you create a happier and simpler life!

The LESS Method Decluttering Course

If you’re ready clear the clutter and create a relaxing home that helps you focus on the people and things that matter most, then the LESS Method Decluttering Course is for you. This on-demand course teaches my foundational 4-step LESS Method to help you declutter any space in your home. Specific lessons teach you how to declutter your: bathroom, clothing, kitchen, paperwork, shared spaces, and storage & memorabilia. By the end of this course, you’ll have created more open spaces in your home, and more importantly, more peace of mind and free time to spend with the people and projects that light you up inside. Life is too short to spend dealing with your clutter. Let’s clear it together so you can open up to the bigger possibilities for your life!

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1:1 Simplicity Coaching

If you’re looking for a deep, personal transformation – both inside and out – then one-on-one simplicity coaching is for you. I work with a small handful of private clients to help them create simpler, more joyful lives. We focus not only on the physical and digital clutter that inevitably crops up at home and work, but also on the inner clutter: the constant racing in your mind, the never-ending to-do lists, and the difficulty feeling focused or relaxed. Many of my private clients have ADHD, although an ADHD diagnosis is not required for this work. The goal is to transform both your outer and inner environments from the anxiety of clutter and chaos into places of deep purpose, fulfillment, and joy. 

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Rose guides you through a decision-making process that helps you make choices that work for YOU, instead of giving you a recipe that you must follow.

Rose Lounsbury is a simplicity coach, TEDx speaker, and Amazon bestselling author of ‘Less: Minimalism for Real’.

After blogging about her personal journey toward a minimalist lifestyle, she was inspired help others live simpler lives. Rose is a regular guest on Fox News Good Day Columbus and has also been featured on NPR, Good Morning Cincinnati, and Living Dayton.
After some challenging years, my clutter had reached drowning levels. Rose’s coaching has helped me find my way back to a home of order and beauty, and it has also been healing personally. Rose has the practical skills, warm compassion, and upbeat spirit to help you reach your dream. I leave every coaching session refreshed and uplifted.