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1:1 Simplicity Coaching

Let go. Transform your life.

"It feels like an internal dam has finally broken and the flood waters are carrying away decades of emotional debris. Every day I feel lighter. I've come to understand that letting go of my physical stuff set the stage for the weightier work I need to do . . . letting go of emotional stuff."
- Carole

Declutter your home.

The simplicity journey often begins with letting go of physical clutter. Your excess possessions not only create physical disarray, but also leave you feeling mentally frazzled, exhausted, and overwhelmed.

Physical clutter is a block to reaching your dreams and greatest potential. It is a visible barrier to deeper and more meaningful relationships. It’s a drain of your time, energy, and mental focus. 

So coaching begins with looking at your physical environment. 

How we'll declutter your home together:

  • Create a vision of your simplified home and work spaces. 
  • Identify blocks and old stories that are keeping you stuck in clutter. 
  • Prioritize which spaces to tackle first—and provide regular, compassionate accountability to keep you on track with making progress. 
  • Use my proven 4-step LESS Method to teach you a simple process for decluttering and organizing your spaces.
  • Implement maintenance strategies and habits to keep the clutter from coming back.

Simplify your work life.

You’re rightly skeptical of the phrase “work-life balance.” What does this look like? And is it even possible? Project deadlines, never-ending email, and juggling competing priorities feel like anything but “balance” most days. You work hard, but it never feels like enough, and you fear your co-workers discovering that you’re barely keeping your head above water. It seems so easy for them. Why does it feel so hard for you?

Simplicity coaching opens the doors to a work-life with more ease, joy, and personal fulfillment. Instead of trying to balance your work-life, we’re going to simplify it. 

How we'll simplify your work life together:

  • Identify and create respectful boundaries around your time and energy. 
  • Kindly say No to tasks and requests that aren’t in alignment with the scope or vision of your work 
  • Create a time block schedule that works with how you work
  • Simplify and prioritize your to-do lists and projects so you feel clarity around what you’re working on and why  
  • Implement strategies to manage email and digital clutter so you can focus on your most important tasks. (No more spending all day “working” on email!)  
  • Practice bringing joy, ease, and play into your work. You spend most of your day here—it should feel fun!

*Are you a business owner? Cool, me too! Our coaching can also focus on helping you experience more joy, meaning, and satisfaction in your business. Our goal? To create a business that feels good to you. 

Calm your mind.

Even when you look like you’re relaxing you aren’t. Your brain is often racing, thinking of all the things you need to do, aren’t doing, and feeling guilty about most of it. You long to feel more peace and freedom, but you have no idea how to get there. You’ve tried meditation and even paid for apps, but you still feel mentally overwhelmed most days. 

Simplicity coaching helps you transform this “mental clutter” into awareness, so you can experience more presence and joy in all areas of your life. 

How we'll create a calmer mindset together:

  • Identify stories and patterns that make you feel “not enough” and transform them so you can start feeling more purposeful and hopeful
  • Practice taking good care of yourself physically and mentally by noticing your needs and allowing yourself to meet them
  • Become aware of your negative beliefs and thought patterns, so that you can recognize them and choose thoughts and actions that will lead to a more positive, purposeful life.
  • Pay attention to any neurodivergent traits—such as ADHD—that might be affecting your ability to feel calm and relaxed. (More than half of my private clients identify with ADHD, so if you struggle with focus and attention, you’re in the right place!) 
  • Connect to your heart and learn to trust it. It will lead you to good places!

Interested in exploring the possibilities of private coaching?

Rose Lounsbury is a simplicity coach, TEDx speaker, and Amazon bestselling author of ‘Less: Minimalism for Real’.

After blogging about her personal journey toward a simpler lifestyle, she was inspired help others create lives with more open spaces. Rose is a regular guest on Good Day Columbus and has also been featured on WYSO, WVXU, Good Morning Cincinnati, and Living Dayton.

After some challenging years, my clutter had reached drowning levels. Rose’s coaching has helped me find my way back to a home of order and beauty, and it has also been healing personally. Rose has the practical skills, warm compassion, and upbeat spirit to help you reach your dream. I leave every coaching session refreshed and uplifted.