The Power of Less: Minimalism for Professional Women

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The Power of Less: Minimalism for Professional Women

Today’s busy professional woman is often at her max. The demands of work, home, and (maybe?) a social life can leave her feeling stressed and perpetually stretched thin. In this humorous, engaging presentation, Rose explores how minimalism, the age-old philosophy that less is more, can help professional women move closer to that ever-elusive work-life balance by creating more peaceful, productive, and open spaces in their lives.

Modern Minimalism: When Less is More

Do you feel like your stuff owns you rather than the other way around? Do you desire a simpler home or work environment with more freedom and room to breathe? In this talk–aimed at general audiences–Rose explores how the classic principles of minimalism and simplicity can improve our busy lives in today’s world. 

“Rose has spoken to the employees at Dayton Children’s Hospital several times and always brings tremendous energy and utmost professionalism while weaving in a bit of humor to keep the audience engaged. Rose provides easy-to-implement suggestions to empower and motivate others to decrease “stuff” in order to reduce stress and improve their overall wellbeing.”

-Kim Oswalt, Wellbeing Partner, Dayton Children’s Hospital

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“Rose Lounsbury’s presentation to our staff was engaging and professional with a humorous light touch. She did an excellent job connecting with her audience. Having come through significant renovations, our staff was eager to make their workplace as efficient as possible, and Rose’s philosophy of minimalism did just that.”

-John Marshall, Principal, Chaminade Julienne High School

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“Rose captivates her audiences with empathy and humor as she confidently shares how owning less opens the door to a simpler life. Her personal story and practical tips resonate with anyone who finally realizes they have too much stuff–which would be most of us! Whether online or on stage at TEDx-Dayton 2018, Rose delivers a message that matters.”

-Olive Wagar, TEDx-Dayton 2017 speaker; Professional Organizer

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Rose Lounsbury is a minimalism and simplicity coach, TEDx speaker, and author of the Amazon bestselling Less: Minimalism for Real. After blogging about her personal journey toward a minimalist lifestyle, Rose was inspired help others live simpler lives with less stuff. Rose spends her days writing, coaching her clients to stuff-free freedom, and soaking up the moments with her husband and wild triplets in lovely Dayton, Ohio. Rose is a regular guest on Fox News Good Day Columbus and has also been featured on NPR, Good Morning Cincinnati, and Living Dayton.

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“This might sound extreme, but hearing Rose speak at my MOPS group and being a part of her online course has been LIFE-CHANGING.”

-Michelle, Dayton, OH

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