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Simplicity for Professionals

Today’s busy professionals are often at their max. The demands of work, home, and (maybe?) a social life can leave them feeling stressed and perpetually stretched thin. In this humorous, engaging presentation, Rose explores how simplicity, the age-old philosophy that less is more, can help professionals move closer to that ever-elusive work-life balance by creating more peaceful, productive, and open spaces in their lives.

Simplifying your schedule

Our calendars can become just as cluttered as our closets. How do we manage the myriad demands for our personal and professional time? And how do we simplify and prioritize commitments so we spend our precious time doing what matters most? In this practical, thoughtful speech, Rose shares answers to these questions and more. The result? A schedule that is more focused and aligned with our values, with plenty of open space so we can live our best, most meaningful lives.

Process your email like a ninja

Many of us feel anxiety when we open our email every morning: the mix of must do’s, could do’s, work requests, promotions, and personal communication is enough to make us want to log out and never return. Yet email does not need to control us or our workdays. In this interactive workshop, Rose guides us through practical techniques we can all use to take back control of our inboxes… and more importantly, our peace of mind.

Rose spoke to our virtual crowd of close to 1,200 physicians. To say that she was amazing, captivating and effective would be an understatement.
Setareh, Canadian Women in Medicine Conference

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 to speak at your company or event?

Rose spoke at our semi-annual leadership meeting and I would highly recommend her. Her energy and enthusiasm are inspiring.
Andrea, Nationwide Insurance


EconoMe Conference

Interested in having Rose speak at your company or event?

Rose Lounsbury is a TEDx speaker, simplicity coach, author, & still-sane triplet mom.

After blogging about her personal journey toward a simpler lifestyle, she was inspired help other busy working moms create lives with more open space for joy and mental wellbeing. Rose is a regular guest on Fox News Good Day Columbus and has also been featured on WYSO, WVXU, Good Morning Cincinnati, and Living Dayton.