What Moms Really Want for Mother’s Day (Hint: It’s not Brunch)

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I remember my first Mother’s Day. My triplets were 8 months old, I spent most days in sweatpants, and going to Kroger by myself at 10pm was considered a big night out.

If you’re a parent, you can relate.

So as that first Mother’s Day approached, Josh–being the dutiful husband that he is–asked me what I’d like for my first big day.

It didn’t take me long to answer.

“I’d really like you to take the babies away. Like for the whole day. Maybe go to your mom’s. And then I can just be in the house. Alone. Like totally by myself.”

I’d actually been fantasizing about this scenario for months so it wasn’t hard to come up with it. I thought this request was perfectly reasonable, so I was surprised by Josh’s raised eyebrows and his response.

“So… you don’t want to be with your kids on Mother’s Day?” he asked.

Funny. I’d never really thought of it that way. But the truth was, no. I did not want to be with them on that day. I was exhausted by the constant feeding, shushing, diapering, washing, and bottling that had become my life. I wanted a day for ME, something that had been sorely lacking in my life the past 8 months.

And so, on Mother’s Day, Josh took the kids to church while I slept in and then he was on #1 Dad duty the rest of the day while I did… whatever I did. (Honestly, like most parts of this time of my life, I don’t really remember. But I hope it involved People magazine and several glasses of wine.)

But here’s the point…

Most people don’t realize what moms really want on Mother’s Day.

Yes, brunch is nice but it only lasts for two hours and then you’re back to being in charge of everything all over again.

And yes, flowers are sweet, but they die and then you have to clean out the vase and put it away.

And of course we love that ceramic plate with our kids’ handprints on them… but that doesn’t really give us a break.

What moms want, more than anything, is time for themselves.
But I’m going to suggest you give her something even better than that… time with ME.

Because here’s what I help busy moms do: Simplify the excess stuff that’s driving them crazy so they can enjoy more peaceful open spaces in their homes–and their heads–ALL the time.

I gotta tell you, that’s a heckuva lot better than brunch.

And hey, maybe when she’s no longer frantically picking up stuff all the time, she can even start spending her evenings on the couch with the aforementioned People magazine and glass of wine. Sweet!

So if you’d like to get the sweet mama in your life a gift she won’t forget this Mother’s Day, my Get Started Package is just the ticket.

The Get Started Package includes:
  • An initial phone consultation with me
  • A 2-hour one-on-one consultation in her home (or virtually, if she lives outside the Dayton area) to address all the clutter hot spots.
  • A customized checklist with all my best solutions to solve the clutter and organizational problems she’s facing.
  • Personalized follow-up texts (with my favorite emojis and possibly funny GIFs…) to keep her motivated and on track.

The package costs $250 but you’ll get a 20% discount by entering the code MOMSROCK (because we all know they do!) at checkout.

You can get an eGift card here.

(Note: if you REALLY wanna wow her by giving her even more one-on-one time with me, you can get a gift card in a larger amount. They are priced in increments of $125, to correspond with my hourly rate. And yes, the MOMSROCK discount applies to however many hours you buy.)

And no worries about spoiling the surprise. When you checkout, you can say which date you want the card to arrive in her inbox so she can be all “Oh my gosh, you didn’t!!!!” on the actual day.

So… put down that phone to the local brunch place and click here to get that deserving mama something she really wants this Mother’s Day: peace of mind.

(And moms… feel free to forward this to your spouse and kids as a not-so-subtle hint-hint…;)

Cheers to all my mamas and all they do!

PS Know a deserving mama who needs some peace of mind this Mother’s Day? Get her some one-on-one time with me! You can grab an eGift card for her here. Use the code MOMSROCK at checkout to get a 20% discount.

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