Tip of the Week: The #1 Way To Do Less Laundry

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Tired of singing the never-ending laundry blues? Fret not! I have a cure.

But first, let’s diagnose your problem:

You have too much clothing.

I know, I know… you think more clothing means less laundry, right?


And here’s why.

Tasks are easier when they have urgency.

And if you’ve got enough T-shirts to outfit your entire block during a zombie apocalypse, your laundry has zero urgency, thus it will pile up until Mount Laundry looks more daunting than Everest.

Here’s the solution:

Have about enough clothing to get through the week. Not much more, not much less.

By laundry day, you should be hurtin’ for something, lots of somethings. And this simple fact will motivate you to wash, fold, and put away without a fuss.

Ready to get started? Awesome! Here’s how:
  • Pretend you’re going on vacation and make a list of everything you need to get through a typical week: 2 pairs jeans, 10 pairs undies, 2 pairs pajamas, etc.
  • Go to your closet and make your clothing match-ish this list. I say -ish because, really, this is just a guide. You might need more or less (and yes, you do need to reserve some items for special occasions!) but this list gives you a benchmark for minimizing your clothing and thus… Minimizing your laundry struggle. #winning

And what should you do with all that excess clothing you’re letting go of?

Donate it. Sell it. Heap it into a great big bonfire and dance around it. Do whatever you need to do, but for Pete’s sake… don’t spend another second washing it.

Because you’ve got better things to do. 

Remember, this week’s tip will bring you one step closer to less stuff and more peace of mind. Cheers to that!

To your peace of mind,


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