Love the Hoe You’re With: Why You Don’t Need More Yard Tools This Spring

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First, I must thank my friend Tracy for this excellent post topic and title. I had to write it based on her cheeky suggestion alone!

Second, this post addresses a very real concern for most of our garages… we all got too many hoes, yo.

And as Snoop Dogg would tell you, too many hoes is a real problem. For-sheezy.

Thus this week’s tip of the week will help you dig into your yard tools and get real about which ones are going to get the raking, shoveling, and yes, straight-up hoeing done this spring.

Now, I know what you’re thinking… But my whole garage is a disaster! I’m overwhelmed just thinking about all the stuff in there: power tools, the kids’ bikes and sports gear, stuff for the car, and all those unopened boxes from our last move… ugh.

I hear you. And I want you to ignore all that other stuff and just focus on yard tools. We’re taking baby steps toward garage freedom and this week’s step is yard tools only.  

Here’s how to do it:

  1. Get all your yard tools out and put everybody with their buddies: rakes together, shovels together, etc.
  2. Take a hot sec to think about how much yard work you actually do. Are you dirt-loving, backyard-zucchini-growing garden aficionado? Or like me, is your approach to yard work, “Let’s just try not to look embarrassing to our neighbors?” Wherever you land on the yard work spectrum, be honest about it. This will help you keep just the tools you need.
  3. Choose the best tools for the jobs you need to do. For example, we have two huge oak trees in our backyard and I have three kids. Thus, we own–and regularly use–three rakes. However, we don’t garden because those same oak trees are home to wild bands of squirrels who devour any veggie we try to put in the ground. So we have very little need of pruners, gardening gloves, or shears.
  4. DONATE those tools you can’t use! Salvation Army, Goodwill, and Habitat for Humanity all happily accept yard tool donations. You could also contact a local horticultural society, gardening club, or nature center to see if they would be interested in them.

Remember, this week’s tip of the week will bring you one step closer to less stuff and more peace of mind. Cheers to that!

To your peace of mind,

PS I’d love to hear your yard tool success story! So…

PPS Want more minimizing inspiration? Check out my online courses to help you declutter your whole house!

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