How to Thrive on Less

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One of the effects of the coronavirus is that it’s forcing us all to evaluate what we really NEED. What do our kids NEED to be able to learn? How much food and paper products do we NEED to feel secure? And yes, how much money do we NEED to make ends meet, especially when our income may feel insecure right now?

Because you’re certainly not the only one asking yourself these questions, I’m really excited to share a podcast episode with you today that might help.

I recorded this episode a couple months ago, well before the coronavirus shook our lives here in the US. But as I listened to it again today, I thought that many of the messages ring true.

The Earn & Invest Podcast is hosted by my friend Doc G (yes, he’s an actual medical doctor who just happens to have a serious side interest in personal finance) and I was honored to be a guest expert on his panel to talk about how we can not just survive, but actually THRIVE on less.

I was joined by two amazing experts:

Jackie Cummings Koski

Jackie a fellow Daytonian who recently retired in her 4o’s. And in case you want to dismiss this as lucky circumstances, realize she grew up in poverty, is a single mom, and has never made 6-figures. Girl has a lot to teach all of us! And oh yeah, she’s been featured in Forbes… something I learned about 15 minutes before I first met her, which which really upped the intimidation factor, let me tell you! But lucky for all of us, she’s about the nicest, most down-to-earth person you’ve ever met. She’s on a mission to spread financial education to all high school students so that no one grows up feeling stuck in their financial situation. She’s the author of a terrific book called Money Letters To My Daughter. If you’ve got a teenager, I’m going to declare that required reading.

Justin Pogue

Justin is an MBA and the author of Rental Secrets, a book that will help you reduce your rent, get better value, and (if you’re a landlord) create quality communities. What I like about Justin is that his goal is to help both landlords and renters. He’s an incredibly smart guy and his insight into how to save money while renting is something I wish I knew in my 20’s! But my favorite part about meeting Justin was that he quoted Homer Simpson during the interview. You’ll have to listen to find out what he said

On this episode you’ll learn…
  • How living on less isn’t about deprivation
  • How you can drive a luxury car for about the same price as a beater (yes, Jackie tells us her secret for this!)
  • How FOMO gets us into financial hot water… and how to get out (hint… it’s much easier than you think!)
  • How the biggest financial changes we can make occur in our mindset, not our pocketbooks
  • How to drastically slash our spending on housing and transportation, two of the biggest expenses we all have
  • How to exercise your power as a renter
  • How to start spending in a way that reflects your values, not society’s
  • How to talk to your kids about money, whether they’re toddlers or teens

I had so much fun being part of this episode and I hope you find the information valuable, during this time and always.

Click here to listen to the episode!


To your health, wealth, and safety!

PS Want to start your own less-is-more journey? Grab my simplicity starter guide and let’s go!


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