You’re Beautiful! Why Do You Have All That Make-up?

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This may be the most embarrassing thing I ever admit on this blog – I own a Caboodle. Well, owned, technically, since it recently found its way into my donation box and out of my life forever. If you aren’t sure what a Caboodle is, here’s a pic to jog your memory. (If you’re a female in her late 20s or early 30s, you may want to just reminisce back to the early 90s when you were getting ready for a junior high dance. One of these was certainly around, along with a large can of aerosol hair spray and a mix tape with several songs by C&C Music Factory.)

A Caboodle is a large plastic case designed to hold make-up. This little guy resided in my closet and held a vast array of beautifying products, including lipsticks, eye shadows, foundations, and an eyelash curler that I hadn’t used in years. (I always feared I would somehow rip out all my eyelashes using that thing… am I alone here?) I recently had to face the facts as a wannabe minimalist – I had too much make-up.

Here’s an important fact: make-up expires. Technically, you aren’t supposed to use eye makeup after it’s been open for three months, and other make-up (like lipstick and foundation) is supposed to be ditched after a year. This stuff harbors bacteria (gross!) so keeping it around, say, since your wedding in 2004 (guilty!) is medically a bad idea. Thus, I unleashed my minimalist fervor on my Caboodle and ousted these bacteria-laden beauty products from my life:

Let me explain a few things first. I don’t wear lipstick. I’ve tried. I just can’t stand the gummy feeling it leaves on my lips. I also want to be ready at all times to bestow kisses on my husband, kids, and handsome strangers (kidding… husband and kids only, of course!), and wearing lipstick deters such spontaneous affection. Who wants a bright pink smudge on their cheek or lips as a result of getting close to you? Nobody. (Case in point, I once thought my son Reese was coming down with ringworm when I saw a pink circle on his cheek during the holidays. The true culprit? A loving, lipstick-clad relative.)
So why did I have eight lipsticks in my Caboodle? I don’t know. Some were freebies from my sister and friends, some were purchased during several attempts to like lipstick. In any case, all of them had sat unworn for at least a year. Into the trash they all went!
Another beauty bystander? Liquid foundation. It makes me feel like my pores are suffocating beneath a greasy, flesh-colored mask. I’ve tried all different kinds and I’ve never been able to incorporate this supposedly essential beauty product into my life. Goodbye forever, foundation! 
Last but not least – perfume. This may sound weird, but I like the smell of myself. (Okay, that does sound creepy. Let me try again.) I like the smell of myself fresh out of the shower. (Still creepy. Oh well, perhaps there isn’t a good way to say this!) I use plain old Ivory soap, and the combo of Ivory with a little basic body lotion is very nice. I don’t need to add perfume to that. 
After making a few more decisions about which make-up products I actually use, I narrowed down my make-up collection to this:

My make-up now fits completely in one small bag, which contains: one concealer, one face powder, one blush, one eyeshadow set, one eyeliner, one mascara, one chapstick, and one lip gloss. I use almost all of these products every day and I can do my make-up in less than three minutes (which is a good thing, since my school day starts at the ungodly hour of 7:15!).

Let me remind you, in case you haven’t told yourself this lately: You are beautiful. You are. Your friends think so. Your significant other thinks so. Your kids definitely think so. So why do you have all that make-up? Use enough to enhance your natural beauty, but don’t hide your god-given loveliness beneath a mask of make-up. Lighten up your beauty routine and lighten up your life! (And for Pete’s sake, donate that Caboodle to a 13-year-old in need!) 

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  1. Rose, I love this post! I recently trashed tons of toiletries and makeup (and a caboodle – ha!). I could probably trash even more. All I really ever wear is some powder and lip gloss. It's fun to read your blog. Thanks! 🙂

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