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The Connection Between Simplicity, Self-Worth, and Reaching our Greatest Potential

As I take time this year to focus on running for office, I’m not publishing as many blogs as usual. As such, I thought some of you might be interested in listening to some audio content from my rather vast collection of past podcast interviews. 

There’s one in particular I’d love to share with you today…  

I met Emily McDermott through a mutual friend. She runs a podcast called “Moms Overcoming Overwhelm.” Even if you’re not a mom, I think you’ll love our episode!

We talked about how, when we embark on a decluttering and simplifying journey, we might start to ask ourselves questions like: 

What am I making space for? 

What dreams have been buried in the stuff and chaos around me? 

Where do I find my self-worth? Is it in the roles that I play and the things that I own, or something deeper? 

Our conversation went deep, well beyond the “stuff” and delved into the “internal clutter” we hold onto that keeps us from realizing our greatest potential. 

The most fun part for me, when listening to this episode—which we recorded last November—is hearing how my political campaign was stirring in the background of our conversation. (I had not officially announced my campaign when we recorded, but you can tell that all the decluttering and simplicity work I’d done was leading to something big in my life!)

➡️Click here to listen. 

*Note: You’ll need to download a free app called Podbean to listen on your mobile device. It’s totally worth it! 

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