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5 Minutes to Less: Kitchen Utensils

The kitchen: it’s the heart of the home, the gathering place for families and friends, the breeding ground for excessive utensils. Today’s 5 Minutes or Less organization

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78 Items Lighter

Today is the final day of my 12 Days of Giving Minimalism Challenge and I am officially 78 items (plus some) lighter – hopefully some

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Cash Money, Baby

Before I talk about this month’s challenge (living without credit cards) I’d like to reflect on last month’s challenge, a month without make-up. This was

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Au Natural

After two months of living without certain dietary habits (January was dedicated to living without white sugar, flour, potatoes or rice and February was my

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No Cheese, Please

Ah, February! The month of love, the month of those chalky-tasting yet somehow always adorable little candy hearts, the month of no cheese. That’s right…

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