New Year, New Space

Please share & spread the simplicity love...

I am not starting this blog as a New Year’s Resolution, although it has coincided with the start of 2012. As a mom of three kids, I face a daily problem shared by moms the world over: clutter. When my husband and I bought our “starter” house five years ago, we did not anticipate two things: 1) the birth of our triplets, and 2) the crash of the real estate market. Thus, we are stuck, along with our kids and live-in nanny, in a charming, 3-bedroom cape cod until the market rises again. Don’t get me wrong, I love my house and I feel blessed to have a roof over my head. But when I visit my friends who have the luxuries of finished basements, play rooms that don’t double as both a living and dining room, and unshared bedrooms, I often sigh and start thinking about how I could somehow expand my space. I’ve fantasized about building an extension, taking a financial hit and just moving into a larger house, or moving my husband and his Star Wars collection into the garage. 😉 But one thing never occurred to me until recently, when a good friend of mine introduced me to the idea of minimalism: have less stuff. It’s simple, really, ridiculously simple. Why didn’t I think of this? Instead of adding more space, create more by removing things I don’t use. Genius!

This blog will chronicle my journey toward a more minimalist lifestyle. And when I say “minimalist,” please realize I’m taking a practical approach. I’m a mom of three toddlers who teaches full-time. I will never fit all my belongings into a duffel bag, and I am not the kind of lady who can survive with merely two pairs of shoes. But I do know I can live with less stuff, and ultimately, less stress. Please join me on my journey!

Please share & spread the simplicity love...

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  1. So glad you are interested in the blog! Yes, it is hard to find yourself still in your starter home with more kids and stuff than you ever dreamed of, but I believe it is possible to find a way to live comfortably this way. I've actually ordered that book and it is on my nightstand, waiting its patient turn for me to get to it. Another friend recommended it, too, so it must be a great read!

  2. Hi Rose! I saw your link on the moms site and had to come take a look. What a great idea! We are in the same situation as far as being stuck in our “starter home” with 2 kids, and I've also started to think about minimalism. It really helps! Another great book is “Simplicity Parenting” by Kim John Payne. He talks about eliminating kid clutter and how simply having less stuff can help kids improve ADD symptoms. It's really astounding. Looking forward to reading more!

  3. Yes, Becky, I have actually read her blog and I want to get her book! I'm just trying to decide if I should get the actual book (thus adding more clutter to my life) or buy it on my Kindle. I have a hard time reading on my kindle, but maybe my decluttering goal will help me get into it. I'm glad to hear from someone else who liked it!

  4. It always feels contradictory to recommend more stuff for someone de-cluttering, but you should get (or perhaps borrow from the library) the book “The Joy of Less” (A Minimalist Living Guide: How to Declutter, Organize, and Simplify Your Life). It is a very encouraging and helpful read when attempting to de-clutter.

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