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Declutter Your Whole House Before Thanksgiving (Really!)

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It’s no coincidence that I adopted minimalism right after Christmas.

We had just come home from visiting relatives out-of-state, our van packed to the gills with presents. As I walked into my house after that long drive, I looked around and felt… stress.

My house was already packed with stuff; where would I put these new things? A familiar feeling of defeat came over me… I can’t do this. Something must be wrong with me. Why can’t I feel relaxed in my own house?

Lucky for me, a change was coming. A few days later a friend introduced me to minimalism, and within a few weeks, my house–and my life–started to change.

If you know the feeling of having too much stuff and not enough places to put it, you get me.

And if that’s where you’re at right now, I get you.

And I want to get you out of it.

Before Thanksgiving.

Yep. Let’s put a date on the calendar, gather some girlfriends, and have some FUN while we get this thing DONE! All before that turkey comes out of the oven.

Just imagine… with your newly decluttered house, you’ll be able to kick back and enjoy your holidays without stressing about the state of your house. I think we can all raise a glass to that!

If you want to join the decluttering party, signup for my very first LESS Method online course! I’ll teach you all my best tips and tricks, step-by-step, over 6 weeks to declutter all the major hot spots in your house.

But we gotta get cracking… the course starts in October so we can be done in time to enjoy that pumpkin pie. 

Here’s the 411:

  • Starting October 8, you, me and a few fabulous friends are going to get together online every Sunday night… wine welcome. 🙂
  • I know you’re busy, mama, so don’t fret if you can’t make every class! I’ll always post recordings so you can learn on your own time.
  • I’ll send you cheatsheets, checklists, and more… room by room, to make it even easier for you to be a minimizing genius in less time.
  • We’ll share our success stories and before/disaster/after/party photos in our private little Facebook group.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • Week 1: The Bathroom: Look gorgeous for that holiday party in no time!
  • Week 2: The Kitchen: We’re gonna whip your kitchen into shape so that cooking and entertaining is a breeze. 
  • Week 3: The Bedroom: Make room for clothes you actually want to wear to those holiday shindigs. 
  • Week 4: Paper Clutter: Christmas cards are on their way, so learn the tricks to plough through your paper piles like a pro!
  • Week 5: Gathering Rooms: We’ll clear that clutter so you can actually ENJOY your guests instead of just picking up.
  • Week 6: Storage Wars: A fun final challenge so you can actually find that punch bowl (and everything else) when you need it!

Want more info or just want to say a big HECK YES and sign up?

Click here to join me.

And let’s watch your clutter disappear!

Rose Lounsbury is a professional organizer, speaker, and author of the Amazon bestseller “Less: Minimalism for Real.” After blogging about her journey toward a minimalist lifestyle, Rose was inspired to start Less, a minimalist-minded professional organizing company. Rose is a member of the National Association of Productivity and Organizing Professionals and has been featured on Fox News Good Day Columbus and WDTN Living Dayton. If you’d like to contact Rose for a speaking engagement or help with an organizing project, you can email her at [email protected] or visit her online at OrganizeWithLess.com.

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