Picasso Didn’t Have Glitter Glue. And Other Reasons to Downsize Your Craft Supplies

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If you love to craft–or live with someone who does–you’re probably familiar with closets full of sewing supplies, drawers bursting with popsicle sticks and pipe cleaners, and entire rooms dedicated to scrapbook love.

Like all hobbies, crafting is a great way to relieve stress and express yourself, but sometimes those supplies veer from creative to crazytown before you realize it.

So if you’re drowning in glitter and fuzzy fabric, fear not. Rose is here to help with my top craft supply minimizing advice.

In fact, it can be summed up in one sentence:

Picasso didn’t have glitter glue.

Let me explain.

The great creators of our time did not rely on excess supplies to create their masterpieces. Picasso created his great works with basic paint and canvas. The Egyptians built the pyramids with a few simple tools. My daughter makes boats, dollhouses, and marble runs using nothing but objects scavenged from the recycling bin.

In short… 

You don’t need tons of supplies to create some really cool stuff.

I’d even argue that distracting your muse with excess fuzzy, glittery, shiny supplies may decrease your creativity, not increase it.

So ask yourself… are all those supplies really necessary? What is it you (or your crafty loved ones) really need to tap into your creativity?

I bet you’d be surprised to find that–like Picasso and the other greats–the thing you need most is found directly between your two ears.

The rest is just sparkles.

Happy crafting and happy minimizing!  

Remember, this week’s tip will bring you one step closer to less stuff and more freedom. Cheers to that!

To your peace of mind,

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