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5 Last-Minute No-Stuff Gifts… That Don’t Totally Suck

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Put down the Chia Pet and step away from the Shake Weight.

It may be the Friday before Christmas, but that doesn’t mean you get to give your loved ones stuff-tastic crapola this year.

Yes, you’ve waited way too long to come up with a gift idea, but never fear, Rose is here with a list of five last minute, no-stuff gifts that don’t totally suck.

You’re welcome.

But let’s get on with the list, because ya know, we don’t have a lot of time here.

ONE: Pampering

It’s a rare person–male or female–who doesn’t enjoy getting pampered in some way. For the ladies on your list, consider pedicures, manicures, or facials. For the dudes, beard trims, massages, or haircuts would fit the bill. Ah, your loved ones are looking more relaxed (and less scruffy) already!

TWO: Culture

I am always surprised by the amount of cool cultural activities going on in my mid-size city of Dayton, Ohio. But truly, no matter what size city you live in, there is a theater near you showcasing dance, theater, or musical talent. So get on the Internet, find out what’s going on, and get some tickets! Not only will you possibly introduce your loved ones to a new art form, but you’ll be supporting the local arts in your community. Win and Win.


Like most people, I like food. Three times a day, in fact. All humans gotta eat, so why not get your loved ones gift certificates to their favorite restaurants? You can find a plethora of chain restaurant gift cards at the checkout line of your grocery store, but I’d urge you to make it a little more special and seek out a gift certificate to a local place. Santa approves supporting the local economy. 🙂

FOUR: Time

This, my friends, is the most precious gift of all, and it won’t cost you a cent. Seeing as you’ve waited til the 11th hour to buy gifts, I’m guessing you have limited time. How awesome if you spent some of that precious, limited time with someone you love? As a matter of fact, this is the very gift I’m giving my mama this year. I printed out a homemade gift certificate for a weekend with just me and her–no husbands, no kids–doing whatever we want to do. I can’t think of a better gift for either of us!

FIVE: Simplicity

If your loved ones are overwhelmed, over-scheduled, and just plain exhausted… consider getting them a gift card for one-on-one minimalism and simplicity coaching with me. I can work with them in-home (if they’re in the Dayton area) or virtually (if they’re anywhere else!) to help them minimize their stuff, simplify their life, and get back their hard-earned free time. Gift cards start at $250, which is good for two hours of my time, and go up from there, in increments of $125/hour. So give those frazzled loved ones a little less-is-more love and grab an eGift card here!

Alright, y’all… Santa’s on his way and I hope that gives you some inspiration to get those last-minute, meaningful gifts crossed off your list.

Cheers to less stuff, even at the last-minute!


PS Ready to start your own minimalism journey! Grab my FREE Minimalism Starter Guide and let’s get going!

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