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3 Simple Tips for a Minimalist (and More Fun!) Halloween

One of my favorite parts of being a triplet mom is planning Halloween costumes. When I found out I was pregnant with two boys and a girl, I immediately began dreaming about all the adorable possibilities: 3 peas in a pod, 3 blind mice, and my personal favorite… Mario Luigi, and the Princess! 

(And since I know you’re dying for an example of the above😉… Here you go! Enjoy the cuteness!)

My kids are older now and choose their own costumes, but I fondly remember those early days when I paraded them around the neighborhood in group-themed get-ups of my own choosing.  

You might wonder… Does minimalism have anything to do with Halloween?  

When we think of simplicity and holidays, we tend to gravitate toward gift-centered celebrations like Christmas and Hanukkah. But minimalism can apply just as much to Halloween as any other holiday. 

If you’re curious about how you could make the spookiest day of the year also the simplest, read on for my 3 simple tips for a minimalist Halloween:

Tip #1: Use Nature for Decor

There’s no shortage of plastic pumpkins and skeletons at your local Wal-Mart, but do you really want to store those guys in your attic 11 months of the year? Also, consider the environmental impact of buying plastic holiday decorations. All that yellow caution tape is going in the trash, my friends. 

It’s much simpler and environmentally-friendly to decorate with nature. And Halloween is the perfect time because Mother Nature really brings her A-game in the Fall! 

Here in Ohio there are gourds galore at every farmer’s market and grocery store, and my own yard provides a plethora of acorns, pine cones, and colorful leaves. If you’re really crafty, you can probably figure out a way to make a tasteful wreath out of all that, but I kinda just let it fall in my yard and call it “decor.” (Yes, I really do prefer the simplest path! 😂) 

Tip #2: Simplify Costumes

I had some weird guilt about purchasing Halloween costumes when my kids were little. I stem from a long line of ladies who know their way around a sewing machine so buying my kids’ costumes felt like “cheating,” but you know what? It’s simple. And when you’re a busy working mom, simple wins!

However, buying a costume also means owning something that you’ll probably only wear once, so the simplicity of purchasing a costume can feel contradictory to my minimalist ideals. 

If you’d prefer a simple costume without purchasing something new, here are some options: 

  • Check out your local thrift store for a secondhand costume.  
  • Go as a pun. (Example: I once wore all black and made a dashed line of white duct tape from my ankle to my shoulder. I then taped a plastic fork to my chest. Can you guess what I was? A fork in the road! 😂)
  • Repurpose a costume from something you already own. I bet most of us could transform into a decent pirate or zombie using our own closets. 

Tip #3: Say No

Like all holidays, Halloween is a time when working mamas can be asked to do a lot: bake pumpkin brownies for the bake sale, host the office Halloween party, attend 37 different fun family fall festivals that start to feel less and less fun as October marches on… 

Halloween is a time we can say YES to ourselves by saying NO to the things that don’t really light us up.

Ask yourself… What Halloween traditions are really special to me? What do I love about this season? 

Say yes to those things and no to the things that feel obligatory or rushed. You’ll enjoy the season more as a result. 

I hope these tips help you create a simpler, happier, and spookier Halloween! I’d love to know any simple tips you have for Halloween. Feel free to email me personally at [email protected] and share your ideas! 

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