27 Awesome Non-Stuff Gift Ideas

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Tomorrow is my birthday and I will turn 29 again. (I am a wonder of nature, I know!) To celebrate, I am giving away a copy of my book to some of my lucky followers on Instagram and Facebook. I’m a big fan of earning your prize, though, so to enter, I asked them to share their favorite non-stuff gifts.

And boy howdy, did they come up with some good ones!

Today I’m sharing 27 of their awesome ideas. (I received over 50, though, so you might want to visit my Instagram or Facebook to check them out. And the contest runs through Monday, June 25, so hey, feel free to add your own idea and enter the contest!)

Before I hop into the list, though, I’d like to share 3 things that struck me about the gifts on this list:

  1. Price: These gift ideas cover all price ranges, from free (many require nothing more than your time) to dropping some serious cash (and I’m talking serious… check out gift #21!).
  2. Versatility: The ideas would work for people of any relationship to you, from your administrative assistant to your best friend. (And I used to think that the Chia Pet was the only one-size-fits-all gift… clearly, I’ve been schooled.)
  3. Meaning: The obvious enthusiasm in people’s comments showed how meaningful these gifts were. I’d wager that all of these gifts meant more to the recipients than traditional “stuff”. Hmm… something to think about before scrambling to the mall 30 minutes before your sister’s next birthday party.


So, without further ado… drumroll please…

27 Awesome Non-Stuff Gift Ideas

  1. Gift cards to the movies
  2. Family membership to the zoo
  3. Free babysitting (Like all parents of young kids, this is my favorite gift to receive!)
  4. Writing a letter to someone about how much they mean to you
  5. Dinner at a favorite restaurant
  6. An overnight retreat
  7. Groupons for fun experiences
  8. Making someone their favorite homemade meal
  9. Road trips
  10. Photo shoots
  11. Manicures and pedicures
  12. A painting class
  13. Skydiving lessons
  14. Massages
  15. Yoga classes
  16. Ax-throwing experience (Yes, one follower said her daughter gave this to her dad for Father’s Day. How cool is that???)
  17. Season passes to a local amusement/water park
  18. Concert or show tickets
  19. Spending time with someone
  20. Homemade cinnamon buns
  21. A one-week timeshare in Hawaii (Umm… can I get on this person’s gift list? Please?)
  22. Violin lessons
  23. Gymnastics classes
  24. Tackling a cleaning project that someone dreads
  25. A ski trip
  26. Teaching someone to knit
  27. Sending kids to sleep-away camp


I hope this list helps you think outside the box for your next celebration!

To your peace of mind,

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Please share & spread the simplicity love...

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