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2 Free Decluttering Resources for Busy Moms

There are soooo many decluttering and simplicity resources on the Internet, it can often feel like you need to wade through the decluttering clutter just to find some help decluttering! 😂

But fear not. Today I’m cutting through the noise to bring you two sweet and simple (and free!) decluttering resources for the busiest of busy mamas out there. 

Whether you like to listen or read, these two resources will help you create simpler, calmer, and more sane spaces in your home (and head!). 

Without further ado… Let’s get into it!

Free Decluttering Resource #1: This Mama Means Business Podcast

I was recently interviewed on the “This Mama Means Business” podcast with the lovely Kylie Kelly. We talked about how decluttering can free up mental space for you to dream and play, two pieces of advice if you want to start decluttering right now, and how we can become the gatekeepers of our homes. Click below to listen! (Psst… Kylie is Australian so I love listening just to hear her beautiful accent!) 

Free Decluttering Resource #2: Purging the Playroom (from MommyBites)

MommyBites recently asked me to contribute to an article on how to purge the playroom. If you’re drowning in toys, you need to read this! It shares my best tips to declutter, organize, and maintain a playroom so that you can stop stepping on Legos and start enjoying playtime with your kids. I share specific tips for playroom clutter hotspots like stuffed animals, Legos, dress-up clothes, and all those Matchbox cars. Click below to read and enjoy!

I hope these two resources inspire all you busy mamas out there to create more open and free spaces in your lives. ❤️


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