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My book

Less: Minimalism for real — Practical ways to live better by owning less.

In Less: Minimalism For Real, Rose Lounsbury–minimalism coach and still-sane mother of triplets–takes a practical, hands-on approach to decluttering your home and simplifying your life. Based on her own life-changing experiment of “going minimalist,” Rose provides a realistic guide to reducing your excess stuff–and reclaiming your hard-earned free time.

Learn how to enjoy life with less stuff:

Discover why your stuff is draining your energy… and how you can get it out of your home for good!

  • How to strategically start in the one space that will impact all the others
  • How to get your kids and spouse eagerly involved in your clutter detox program (yes, really!)
  • How to let go of the once-valuable things you no longer love
  • How to know if something is worth keeping

This book isn’t just about living with less; it’s about living better. It is about how to live an intentional, purposeful life by minimizing the cluttered distractions and zeroing in on what you truly care about. Get ready for a fresh new outlook on discovering and keeping more of what matters most.

I need this. When you’re a clutterer like me, you don’t even have a system to unclutter. This gives you a step-by-step guide. I love it!”
Dr. Will Miller
Author of 'Miserable at Work'

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