Articles on simplicity, organizing your stuff and everything else in between.

Just Shred It

If you want an organized home office, just follow the advice above and you can probably achieve it. But it’s not that easy, is it? We

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Oh, Babies!

Preparing a nursery for one baby can be a daunting task. Preparing for two, while juggling a full-time teaching career and two older kids, is

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Thinking Outside the Gift Box

We all know the typical kids birthday party drill: balloons, cake, unbridled enthusiasm (aka “the crazy”) and, of course, presents. Lots of them. I’m not sure

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One Pair of Shorts

I recently read the book Zero Waste Home by Bea Johnson. As the title would lead one to believe, this is an environmentalist book, recommended by my eco-savvy friend

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My Craftoholic Cure

My daughter is a craftoholic. Give the girl some glitter, glue, a candy bar wrapper and VOILA! she will have a magic carpet or a cape

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