Articles on simplicity, organizing your stuff and everything else in between.

One Pair of Shorts

I recently read the book Zero Waste Home by Bea Johnson. As the title would lead one to believe, this is an environmentalist book, recommended by my eco-savvy friend

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My Craftoholic Cure

My daughter is a craftoholic. Give the girl some glitter, glue, a candy bar wrapper and VOILA! she will have a magic carpet or a cape

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What Do You Love?

The word “minimalism” can be scary because it often makes people think of being deprived. While it is true that minimalists live with less than most folks,

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Taming the Paper Dragon

Permission slips… junk mail… bills… and more. If you’re like my best friend, Becky, all this paper sneaks into your house in a constant rustling

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Where to Start

Most people, when faced with clutter, are deterred by one, often overwhelming question: Where do I start? The answer is simple: top to bottom, left

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